How To Make An Amazing Music Studio Especially For Amateurs

I can surely say that no one in the world can resist the attraction of music. Yes, I mean all kinds of music, even the hardest and the gentlest one. Each type of music has its own melody and lyrics that make people go crazy every time the songs are played. However, producing those songs is not an easy job.

 It requires so much time and efforts. That’s why very few people can escalate the ladder of success in music industry. If you are the one who want to challenge yourself as a music producer, the studio is like your home and office. In this article, I will introduce to you some tips and trick about choosing the right equipment for your music studio such as the amplifier, instrument collection and some sound testing devices such as the Sony MDRV6 or Sennheiser HD 25-II. Hope you enjoy this post and find some helpful suggestions for yourself here.

Know Which Instrument Is Your Main One And How Many Of Them Can You Play

It’s fairly obvious that you have to know at least 1 or 2 type of musical instruments before working on producing and music pieces. You can be interested in some of them but you still have to decide the main instrument to get along with and play as handy as possible.

You should try playing some common ones such as guitar, organ or flute because they follow simple rules that any one and get used to in a short amount of time. In addition, you should also dig deeper into the structures of the instrument and some special techniques. That’s how you nurture your love to it.

Picking an instrument for your own is not about learning to play. It’s also the way you feel the harmony, enhance your listening competence and develop your creation. Don’t hesitate to play the guitar or the saxophone anytime, anywhere. It’s like the source of motivation and creation for a music producer.

Prepare The Facilities Inside Your Music Studio

There is a long list you must consider if you want to start your music career inside a studio, even though it’s just a simple homemade one. Check out the list below and see what you got and which one you should purchase right away:

The Amplifier

Of course this is one of the most important equipment for your studio. Many people don’t know how to control them because there are too much things to do with it, but it’s irreplaceable. Even if you are in lack of some other stuff, the amp is still needed to take the first place in our list. The good amp can blow up the rooftop of any houses. It boost up the sound even though the input is not quite good yet. That’s why you have to invest your money on a real good one. It’s like the body and the soul of the studio.

The Headphones

Did you ever think that one day; a small and simple music accessory like the headphone can take an essential place in your large, luxurious music studio. I can be fairly sure that it’s true. The importance of the headphones is as much as that one of the speakers or the amplifier. The way you feel the original piece of music relies mostly on the quality of the headphone so that it has to be picked carefully for the best music experiences.


The music studio is made to record songs and it’s the reason for the recording tools and software. With professional, a good recording software allows them to make hundreds of modifications to their products until they are released. However, with novice, because of low requirements and expectations, you don’t have to waste too much money on the authentic software. Just a free one downloaded online is fine. It can complete its mission as a recording software.

Bottom Line

The best thing I want to show the beginners is that you don’t have to be a rich person to build a music studio. You just need to search for some valuable ones and with your talent, you can shine when your music is recognized by people around the world. Just be yourself and product music, the way to success would be yours one day.


Music Is A Gift For The Soul

Music has the power to calm the soul, rekindle the spirit when you’re tired and invigorates our spirit. When it comes to music, actually, people often think about the music instrument, particularly the guitar. If you desire to become the best beginner guitar today, do not ignore our piece of writing below.

The Benefits Of Playing Music

Clearly, all cultures have the presence of music. It is the language of the mind and spirit, which has the great function of expressing the joy, the sadness of each individual.

Music Is A Gift For The Soul

From birth, the music is expressed through the mother’s lullaby voice, the rhymes, songs childish. At the childhood period, depending on the interests there will be a certain kind of music that you like, which can be able to vibrate your soul. Much mature music is ever-present in their lives. At happy, sad songs are lively, playful, lyrical, romantic deep inside them always.

Music Is The Best Therapy Treatment For All Individuals

Principles and practice of book written about stress management how to deal with stress, pressure, said that the reason why music exists in most cultures is because it benefits the spiritual life, make human health. When the voice is raised, tone sound of a particular instrument sounded, makes the tissues relax and dilate, which can reduce the pain, dissolves tension. Therefore, in medicine some experienced doctors encourage patients with stress to listen to soothing music, as the music can help the spirit, as well as the mood of the patient better.

Patients about to have surgery under stress, the soothing music also helps them to significantly reduce the amount of stress hormones, stress during surgery, through the pain, victory illness. The fetus in the womb, when the baby is listening auditory stimulation, creating focus, quick reflexes to the sound. After birth, the tone, sound familiar when they are listening to her when she is pregnant, it shows that music helps children with very good retention. For older people, the music helps to maintain optimism, love of life, enhance memory, mental sanity and excitement, helping them to live happily avoids sorrow anxiety.

Anyone Can Play Music

Just listening to music, especially the music kind you love and let’s sing. Maybe you think that I have no musical ability. If so, think a little about your voice. The voice is like an instrument, thanks to the versatility of this instrument that anyone can play. You just open your mouth and voice; do not worry if you do not get merit. Keep practicing and you will feel. Just practice a musical instrument that you like. Because everyone can learn and play musical instruments are. If gifted, you will promote your natural talent, have the opportunity to express for many people and can be an opportunity for you to develop yourself. However, if there is little or no talent, think about yourself. Learn and play musical instruments for themselves and their loved ones. Do not let shyness lose your ability, passion, as well as your interests of your own safety.

The Special Tricks To Play The Guitar Well

If you have a passion for something, to achieve it, of course you will spend the time and effort given. Learn guitar so well. Guitar will get you closer to the music, have a great experience and more innovative as well as relax after a tiring working hours. One thing that many people interested in learning is that it does not take too much time during the process of learning. Not everyone has a lot of spare time for his hobby.

Determine The Extent Which You Want To Learn

To answer questions whether learning guitar consumes so much time, first please determine the extent you want to pursue. What is your purpose of learning guitar? To play some of your favorite music, to show in front of friends or colleagues who you love, or is pursued throughout life? Depending on the purpose of attending the guitar course, you will need to invest about the most reasonable time. To play the guitar, you need to train your finger with the high flexibility to move freely between the strings, click chord proficient. Many people believe that, playing guitar in the left hand is only the coordination between 4 fingers except the thumb to press the chord but this is not true because the thumb plays an important role in adjusting capacity to create music. To realize this, you need to exercise regularly, do not stop until the feeling with the guitar.



How To Choose As Well As The Use The Headphones Effectively

Headphones are considered as one of the most popular accessories used on you these days due to its speial benefits as well as mobility. In this section, we would like to bring you the the tricks when buying and depoying this device.

Lossy Music Headphones

The hearing threshold of a normal person from 20Hz – 20 kHz, beyond this range we hardly recognizable sound. On the principle that people remove the audio frequencies below 20Hz or above 20 kHz in order to reduce capacity.

The music files which are compressed in MP3 format consist of tail, WMA, OGG, ATRA, MPC from 3-10MB / post is the type of music that we can find in any web page. Lossy method is capable of reducing the size of up to 10 times and also made poor quality far more music than the original.

For these reasons lossy audio headphones do not require high quality lossless music headphones. You can freely select arbitrary product of interest from a few tens of thousand to hundreds of thousands, even millions at any store.

Headphones Lossless Music

As its name suggests, this device does not cut the lossless audio data that is only found similar fragments and collapse them. So the sound quality is still preserved and not inferior to the music emanating from the CD. However, the compression ratio is very low, only about 1/3 of the data is reduced.

While lossy music with lossless music popularity is quite rare, which is mainly reserved for enthusiasts and eager to enjoy the music peak? The usual media player software on your computer, mp3 player can not run common tail FLAC, ALAC or APE and transmit the “quality” difference in that music.

According to the survey in many stores selling electronics, the amount of money for a product such as this from a few million to hundreds of millions, but all will become worthless if its owner back using poor quality headphones. We will offer a few small notes should focus on when buying headphones lossless music, especially with the potential beginners to understand.

Specifications And Product Quality Testing

As mentioned above, lossless music headphones without removing any data that is confined to them. If you want to fully enjoy the music, feel the lossless and lossy differential should use headphones with a wide frequency range from 10Hz long – or more 25.000Hz as possible.

It is believed that the capacity to ignore the noise background is one of the most criteria to evaluate the quality of the headphones. Please stop reading reviews, reviews of others and to make the shopping mall at anywhere near you to hear and experience. Bring a good feeling for the headset’s ear lossless music you are looking for.

Brands, Product Lines And Price

It can be said that on the market now, there are a lot of high quality headphones as Dr. Dre, Gradio, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, AKG, Sony, Creative, Beats … to the non-professional name “affordable” and all the goods of unknown origin imported from China have contributed.  

As we can see that the development of the advanced technology encourages the development of the digital music. Selecting music headphones lossless, lossy matching is you can carry and enjoy your music anywhere at.

Warning Signs Of Hearing Impairment

Using earphones (IEM) with the big sound intensity for a long time is easy to have influence on  hearing than other headsets designs.

Hearing loss caused by using earphones usually forms slowly and no obvious signs of the original. However, if any one of the following warning signs, headphone users should immediately conduct a medical examination to soon have the accurate diagnosis of hearing damage.

Status firstly broke down in the ears after listening to music. There are also other signs such as feeling clogged ears, feeling harsh everyday conversations in noisy environments or feel the need to increase the volume while watching TV than previously can hear.

Thus, data can overcome hearing loss due to the effects of high intensity sound for a long time? The answer is no. Therefore, the prevention of hearing loss by using a headset is critical. Currently, the implantable hearing devices that can help amplify the sound to people with hearing loss more audible.

However, these devices have yet to be seen as the perfect replacement for the auditory cells which were destroyed by high intensity sound or no longer active in the human auditory system.

Warning Signs Of Hearing Impairment

Using earphones (IEM) with the big sound intensity for a long time is easy to have influence in hearing than other headsets designs.

Hearing loss caused by using earphones usually forms slowly and no obvious signs of the original. However, if any one of the following warning signs, headphone users should immediately conduct a medical examination to soon have the accurate diagnosis of hearing damage.

Status firstly broke down in the ears after listening to music. There are also other signs such as feeling clogged ears, feeling harsh everyday conversations in noisy environments or feel the need to increase the volume while watching TV than previously can hear.

Thus, data can overcome hearing loss due to the effects of high intensity sound for a long time? The answer is no. Therefore, the prevention of hearing loss by using a headset is critical.

Currently, the implantable hearing devices that can help amplify the sound to people with hearing loss more audible. However, these devices have yet to be seen as the perfect replacement for the auditory cells which were destroyed by high intensity sound or no longer active in the human auditory system.

The Instructions For Purchasing The Perfect Headphones.

It can be said that enjoy music belongs to the sensory elements. For that reason, a high-quality headset is right for you is very important as it lets you enjoy music with the fullest sense. And headphones are expected to contribute to bring interesting feeling for the listeners.

Since the advent of digital music, just an audio-visual equipment capable of storing or internet connection, such as computers, phones and phone accessories such as headsets, mini speakers … that you were able to enjoy and share music with the world instead of having to buy cassettes, CDs as before.

Typically, for every minute of music data capacity corresponding average 10MB and 30-50MB a song up to hundreds of megabytes for the entire album. To save storage resources as well as more favorable for uploading, people have found a way to compress the data of each audio file. That is the cause of the birth of lossless or lossy term.

Many may sound strange, but in fact it was invoking the compression method to create the music that we hear everyday: Lossy- not preserve data compression and lossless compression Lossless- data. As a result, how to choose headphones to transmit each type of music fullest is very vital

Which Is The Best Type Of Headphones On The Market Now?

On the market now, there are numerous headphones sold. We are sure that consumers can know from the well- known brand such as AKG, Beats, or Audio Technica to the medium brands which come from the China.

There is no doubt about the importance of the function, techonology, as well as the quality of the headphone, but you should bear in your mind that enjoying the music sometimes belongs to your sense. As a result, the medium or average type can bring you some surprising. Do not choose the most expensive headphones, but should you choose the best suitable for you.

In addition, there is a small note is to protect your ears, you should use the headset with good sound insulation a little, because then you just turn on a moderate volume level to be able to listen to an entire band. In contrast, the poor soundproof headphones, external noise makes you plenty of volume up high to hear the music clearly, likely to cause hearing loss and harmful to the ears.

Can You Use The Headset While Not Practicing Sports?

If you regularly practice sport, you need a headset can stay firmly on your ear even when you move sharply as jogging. Currently, some famous company like Sony Audio and Sennheiser have introduced the product line of sports headphones with specially designed ear hook helps to have a fixed headset.

In particular, Sony recently launched the second product line headsets are water-resistant Sony STH30 and AS800AP, helping you unleash practicing sports without worrying about sweating or wet can ruin your headphones .

Can You See The Headset As A Fashion Accessory It?

In a lot of products on the market today, the fashion elements more and more people take note and choose. If the people who love fashion and want to show your own personality, you can also select the earpiece has good looks with youthful colors.

But remember, do not sacrifice sound quality of a headset looks just as beautiful, because after all these headphones are often used to listen to music, not to decorate.


It can be said that enjoy music belongs to the sensory elements. For that reason, a high-quality headset is right for you is very important as it lets you enjoy music with the fullest sense.

Above are the whole questions you should consider before deciding to buy a headset. After determining the purpose and needs of ourselves, we still want to encourage you to read it out of the store specializes in headphones to experience different types of headphones as well as being advised by those who specialize in playing sound.

According to the experience of many people, you can only choose the earpiece that suits you after hearing the sound test and wear test to check the level of comfort of the headset there.

Some stores specialize in headphones reputation in Hanoi can mention Xuan Vu Audio, Senshop … For those who do not have access to the store to listen to headphones and forced to buy online, you still should wondered himself these questions.

Questions Should Be Posed Before Buying Headphones

For many people, purchase a suitable headset is a pretty hard work. Now on the market, there are countless different types of earphones, of different vendors, with price ranges from a few hundred to tens of million. In this report, the author would like to review the whole questions that you should raise when buying the headphones.

Furthermore, the realityshows that most headphones which are sold in electronics center are not available for the hearing test. There is only the product in the box. Therefore, some customers have accepted to buy headphones that sound quality does not know how.

Another group of customers who can better understand about some stores specializing in audio map. These places are usually available a lot of goods to the customer listening experience to try before you buy. However, in overall, the two parts of consumers  are  still be confused in choosing to be a good quality headset, sound good and reasonable price.

However, to help you peace of mind, we would like to emphasize that almost at any price would have the earpiece or, so do not rush to give up and think that your money can not buy is public or headphones.

Here Are The Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing To Buy A Headset.

What Is Your Purpose When Using The Headphones?

For entertainment purposes such as listening to music, you can select the headset depending on your musical tastes. Take a look at the list in your phone or music player if you often listen to her songs gentle, celestial much about the singer’s voice or instrumental music or songs you often hear the exciting, fast-paced and there strong?

If your choice is a gentle song, find themselves headphones with sound balance, the bass sound range (bass), intermediate (mid) and high (high) are in harmony, not each other.

The headphones will help you to enjoy the music in detail and authenticity, like sitting next to the stage. Conversely, if you choose the most popular tracks, select a headset with bass (bass) well. This type of headset will help you hear the drums, throbbing beat beating and extremely powerful.

However, if you buy a headset for the purpose of learning foreign languages and need to hear the word of the foreigners said in recordings, find yourself an earpiece with sound balance.

These headphones fond of bass (bass – traits often specify the manufacturer on the box) will make the voice of the alien stick together and difficult to hear. Also, you can buy a headset with mic to serve the purpose of recording voice when learning a foreign language.

Do You Regularly Use The Headset?

Besides the sound quality, comfort is also one of the first criteria you should consider when buying a headset, especially if you tend to wear headphones anytime, anywhere. You can choose different types of headphones depending on different purposes.

For example, if you listen to music at home, you can buy shooting ear headphones (over- ear). Headphones will help you enjoy the music quite perfect by sound insulation and a good surround sound reproduction.

If you frequently move, ergonomic criteria need to be placed on top. In this case, earbuds into the ear canal (in-ear), located on the ear headphones (ear-bud) and placed on the ear headphones (on-ear) are extremely suitable choice by Special compact computer, can rewind or folded into bags or containers store the headset.

You Can Use The Headset In Noisy Environments Do Not?

If the answer is yes, you should look to buy these types of headphones can filter external noise (noise cancellation or noise isolation).

The headset is equipped with a small microphone to record sound waves help of noise outside, then an electronic circuit will create the opposite phase with the wavelength of the sound waves on and help eliminate noise somewhat.

However, the headset is equipped with this technology typically cost does not come cheap.

In fact, with the need to use conventional, we need to know that most of the earbuds into the ear canal (in- ear) or take over the ear headphones (ear over-) are pretty good sound insulation, help enjoy a musical space and complete privacy.

Conversely, put in ear headphones (ear-bud) or placed on the ear headphones (On-Ear) back quite poorly soundproofed, making a lot of noise impact to the music you are listening to.

What Should You Care When Buying The Headphones?

Nowadays, it can be said that headphones are considered as one of the very vital instrument for generation to enjoy listening to music. In spite of the popularity of this machine, many people seem suffer from how to choose the best product for themselves. In this post, we would like to review the whole experience to help you purchase the best headphones.

– When purchasing headphones you should bring the MP3 player, MP4 music alongside his, which he loved, highest quality to listen to. If that was a pleasant find.

– When purchasing goods portable headset you need to observe carefully the following characteristics: Shell headset scratched or have been repainted, not retouch. If the shooting ear headphones should see smooth membrane with no ears, upholstery sure you do not, have not worn.

If the line products that can fold into the Sennheiser PX200, you like to watch the matches have not smoothly. Observe carefully the logo and the words on the headset; there is no definition or a coating over the speaker.

– If you often listen to the music rhythm genre gentle tempo, choose the sound in headphones (Sennheiser PX200 is typical), but if listening to the powerful genre (rock for example), you should choose the ear strong bass sounds and warm (typically lines of Sony headphones).

It is said that when choosing the heaphones, it is vital for the users to pay their attention to the two following criteria such as its appearance as well as the function.

Choose The One That Is Suitable With Your Usign Purpose

First, you need to define what your purpose for using the headphones is, for example, for relax at home, for support for your work or for the need of high standard volume for playing games. There are five types of headphones on the market include

In –Ear

This type of headphone is often sold with the portable device. This product line is now much more favored due to its small siz, the comfort for moving as well as the good quality of volume. The in-ear is often covered in a soft matress in order to create the comfortable feeling inside your ear.

Although the in- ear product is able to liter the volume from outside well, the quality of volume especially the bass volume is not as clear as well as interesting as the other. In addition, if you use this type for a long time, it can causes the feeling of painted as well as uncomfortable.

On- Ear

This one owns the large size in order to cover the whole frame of your ears and it is often used for device at home as well as the smartphones. This line is much significantly favored by the satff in the office due to the fact that its high capacity to prevent the outside volume, prevent the volume from being transferred outside.

In addition, it does not cause the hot feeling in your ears to make sure that you can totally litsen the volume from the outside. However, this one is not prefered by the special professionals in the music field because of its poor volume litering, the weak bass volume.

Check The Function Of The Headphone

It can be said that the size, appearance as well as the techonology is considered as the important factors when choosing the headphone. However, the function of the headphones also plays a very important to the users. To choose the best one, it is vital for the users to look the following functions

The Volume Level Of The Bass

For the best product, the quality of the bass can not as good as that of the large headphones. However, many manufacturers has controlled the the volume setting in order to create the lower frequency. This means that the natural sound will not effective as well.

It is said that the Earbud is designed with the small size and the high mobility. However, this type of headphones can not be as good as the Full- size in terms of the bass volume.

The Comfort When Using And The Weight Of The Headphones

Although evaluating the sound quality is an objective action, the only way for the users in order to evaluate the comfort of a headphones when using is try ing it on in 10 minutes.

We really hope that based on this information, users can gain much information in order to select the best product for them.

The Useful Experience To Buy The Headphone

When referring to the term “headphone amplifier” (headphone amplifier) in front of someone, we often get a mouth or an eye O surprise like talking on Mars. Headphones are considered as one of the useful tools that can be great idea for most young people to enjoy the music today.

Price earphone and headphone types are very different, can make buyers feel confused, crestfallen. It is true that “what you pay for”, but you also have other options for both affordable and suit requirements and avoids the use of poor-quality goods.

Types Of The Headphones On The Market Nowadays

There are two common types of headphones on the market is the earphone and headphone.

Earphone is a type of earphones and also the most common type which is usually sold together with the digital music player products, mobile phones, etc.. This type of headset has the advantage of a compact easy to carry around them.

The main disadvantage is the type earphone bass emits warm and often not reliable. In addition to current popular type earphone, in-ear type is also inserted directly into the ear.

Headphones are flung over the head or the nape, two speakers covered the ears. Headphone is often used with more computer devices digital music players. The advantage of this kind of sound is relatively better than earphones with money.

This one is able to eliminate background noise, but the drawback is bulky, only suitable for fixed devices. Currently there are some firms overcome this drawback by producing the kind of headphone capable folded, typical Sennheiser PX200.

Quality & Pricen Of The Headphone On The Market

Currently, the headphones on the market are very diverse ranging from well-known manufacturers such as Sony, Senheiser, Creative … to the popular line of JVJ, JXD … even counterfeit products, aviation China’s old name. Prices also vary from tens of thousands to several million!

So you will get more choices in buying headphones, but on the contrary, it is also easy to purchase a quality product for nothing, quickly damaged. Here is some advice to help you choose a good headset and satisfied.

Type Of Affordable Priced Below 5$

This headset type floating row largely unknown origin, of a number of popular brands like JXD, JVJ, Imax … Of course with such a price, the sound quality can not or are, bass weak not deep, muddy and broken treble sound, with a hiss, hiss. However if you are not too fussy or limited financial capability, you could still acceptable.

Products of the brands mentioned on the relative quality acceptable. Experience has shown that not to purchase Chinese float, because despite a lower price of 10,000 VND den15.000, sound quality, but also seems comparable poor durability, use only 1-2 months will peeling paint, broken ear, broken wires, broken shells … whether you are careful to preserve.

Of particular note is that when buying this type of headphones, you’ll definitely hear it, check before paying. This range is often not warranted, including the store.

Type the average price from 5$ to 200$

With this money you can buy a pretty good headset of stalwarts like Sony, Sennheiser, Creative, Panasonic, etc.. This product line is no difference in sound markedly different between firms.

You can find information, the entries of those who use this type of headset on the Internet pretty much amounts, enough for you to draw your own decisions. Warranty is usually pretty good. If compared to ordinary headphones above, the money is not too big, but their value is greater than the offer several times.

Price Table Refer To Some Kind Of Middle Headphones:

Sennheiser PX100: 55 USD

Sennheiser PX200: 65 USD

Sennheiser HD212: 36 USD

Creative EP480: 20 USD

The line of headphones Sony: 12 – 30 USD

Type Of Valuable Premium Over 200$

This type of headset is used for the professional music world. In every way, this type of headphone nothing to the table, the quality of products as well as the warranty is good.

But as well as intermediate goods, this item has no major consumption in Vietnam so most portable goods, direct imports very little. You should buy at the store name and reputation to avoid buying counterfeit goods.

Price-Reference A Line Of Premium Headphones:

Sennheiser HD600: 351 USD

Sennheiser HD265: 108 USD

Sennheiser HD650: 472 USD

Shure SE530: 449 USD

– Most of the medium-sized headphones and have not tried Premium before you buy, so you should consult experienced by those thoroughly before making a decision, then avoid buying the feeling seen not with the “ears” of his.

– You have to pay attention headphone jack of your audio device, avoid buying the wrong type of headphone jack using incompatible. Usually it’s 3.5mm port, but also kind of port use a standard 2.5 mm or some other, so you have to be careful.

– What to buy in the store name to avoid purchasing counterfeit goods, poor quality goods.

– If possible, you should have someone with experience to buy and appraise the quality of the headphones for sure.